Global Junior Tour

Greg Norman Champions Academy Barefoot GC at North Myrtle Academy USA

2nd round today after the disappointing day yesterday…..Rick’s mood was a great deal better than last night and at least he was talking…..a bit. 

He had a 11:50 start time, so it was up to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast, before heading up to the range to warm up. He followed his usual warm up, going into the gym to stretch and get loose, before hitting balls. 

Going thru the bag, he was hitting it not so good and started to fall back into his mood a bit from yesterday, hey it’s only the range, but I understand his frustration.

It was then off to the 1st tee and I wished him all the best and said go and play golf and not worry so much about the score and his swing. 

He bogeyed the first, 2nd hit his tee shot ob & made double, 3rd bogey, good par at the fourth then made a bomb for bird on the par 5th, but gave it straight back on the next. 

He hit a bad shot at the par 3 7th and made in the end a good putt for bogey the turning point? 

From here on in he started to play golf. Tee shot on 8 into position solid approach chance for bird …. par. Great drive down 9 good lay up, but unfortunately pulled his approach left of the green, but saved par…. 5 over at the turn.

Back nine

He missed the green on the good side on 10 and made a standard, but nice up & down to save par….then onto the 11th where he had the disaster 9 yesterday. A good ultra safe 3 iron from the tee split the then hit his approach from a long way back straight at the flag and safely negotiated two putts for his par…5 better than yesterday…“great”. 

Then again at the 12th, a difficult he played ultra safe with an iron from the tee and hit another solid long iron into the heart of the green with a 2 putt par. 

Hole 13 is a difficult par 4 today into the wind…a good tee shot and a strong long iron he made another bomb for a bonus….birdie. After the 13th you are over the worst and a good chance to par in and maybe pick up a bird or two.

A nice tee ball on the fairway Rick hit an ugly approach pulling it way left leaving an awkward chip over the dip to the flag with the water lurking at the edge of the green…… Not his best chip, Rick 2 putted for a bad bogey, but the next hole is the easiest hole on the course a reachable par 5 to try and bounce back with. A good drive, Rick can reach the green with a long iron, but cought it a bit thin coming up 20 or so yards short of the green, but no problems…. he putted from off the green to about 3 yards then had a “blackout” and 3 putted it..argggh. 

A great tee shot to set up a good birdie chance at the par 3 16th, but unfortunately couldn’t convert. 

Rick bombed a drive down 17 and landed the ball 3 yards over the flag to the receptive green and screwed back stiff…bird. 

He hit a nice tee shot on 18 and played a nice lay up in to position. His approach over the water to around 15 ft he lipped out with his putt that was a little bit to hard…. 5 over 77.

A good performance after hole 7….. He has to learn to get over his nervs and some of the nonsense in his head and even after a bad round that he can appreciate the position he’s in playing on great courses that after the round he can’t get do anything about…..He’ll get there but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow he plays the last round teeing off at 9:20, then we are in the car for 5 hours up to Richmond so this could be the last blog for a few days, even could be when I’m back in the Netherlands.

Till next time.

Herman, Rick, Monique & Garry

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