Global Junior Tour

Greg Norman Champions Academy at Barefoot GC North Myrtle Beach USA

Firstly, I wanna start with saying that I’m getting great reactions from you about my blog’s and it’s very much appreciated, also I’m hearing that for some people the videos are not loading and for others they are. Not sure, but I’ll do my best to see why.

We woke up this morning to find out the water was off. Herman called to find out more… 30 mins they said, so a bit of patience was required before we could hit the showers. An hour later…still nothing, so it was getting dressed and off to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast without a shower “this could be a smelly day”

After the steak breakfast…even Monique was on the steak this morning and did a sterling job finishing it off…top job Monique 👏🏻, it was off to Barefoot to practice today, the plan is to basically be on misery hill (the range) most of the day and play a few holes, then chill before the opening dinner this evening. Today the weather was nice, really nice compared to the weather report from “Opa Henk” back in the Netherlands, it was 17-18 degrees and not a cloud in the sky with a little breeze..not much, but enough to make it interesting out there on the “hill”. You can hit from both ends of the range here at the Academy and from the academy end the breeze was left to right, a right handed golfers worst wind to practice. So, it was what Rick does at the academy end of the range, he has to replicate at the members end with the right to left wind to stay balanced. 

While Rick and I worked on the range for several hours, Herman & Monique went off to the Walmart to get some supplies in for the apartment. For those who don’t know, Rick is now at school in England, about a half an hour or so south of London at the Golf College where there are several coaches, one who is Denis Pugh that he sees say once a month. We are all working trying to give Rick the best possible chance to succeed…..all working for Rick.

At the Academy end he hit full shots, then spent the majority of time around the green chipping & putting. Yesterday was all about getting the pace of the greens and getting used to the different grasses then what he’s used to in Europe. Today it’s about taking more time reading them. The 17th green on the Norman course is directly behind the Academy, so we played down the 18th… 3 wood, 7 iron lay up 110 yard PW…solid, pure!!!

We had a coke at the Putters Pub, then basically did the same what he did in a left to right wind, he did now in a better right to left wind….. We had a bit more fun with playing closest the flag with Herman, Rick & myself on the range keeping the mood light & not serious…. keeping Rick loose is important as if he starts hitting it wayward on the range he get’s a bit p’d off. 

We had a quick bite snack in Putters, then we played the first 4 holes……the first 4 holes are tricky and important to get off to a good start. He was positive from the 1st tee shot, see it, feel it and pull the trigger.


If you’ve followed my blogs from other tournaments, Rick tends to get nervous and tentative and looses a bit of confidence and takes a lot longer over his shots than normal, overall Rick is generally a quick player. The way he practiced & played the first 4 holes today, if he does that this week he’ll have an enjoyable week and will put in a good performance.


After he was finished it was back to Putters Pub for a well deserved drink and after 2 days of prep…..Rick’s ready!! 

Back to the hotel and the water was on, but no hot water so after a call to the reception we had to move apartment… from the 19th floor down to the 7th, it was a mad dash before we headed up to Barefoot for the 

opening speeches from Jose Fernandez & from Global Junior. It’s great to listen to them….they are so positive and give great encouragement to the kids, very respectful and with Jose, Scott & their team along with Global are very helpful. It was also nice to give a hand to Head Pro Scott Shobe from the Academy, who I met last year, it was only in the passing & hopefully will be able to have a chat with him this week. We sat at the table along with 2 players with their fathers/coaches from Portugal. After dinner it was back to the hotel to finish our move and relax in front of the tv. We watched the Golf Channel interview from David Feherty with Phil Michelson, although I had seen it before, I still love listening to Mickelson… a true gentleman & great ambassador for our game. Then it was off to my room to do the blog while watching a game that I’ve followed for a long time and love watching every week… NFL. Tomorrow Rick starts at 10 o’clock along with a Norwegian & a Dane….. But who will be great? We’ll see.

You can follow Rick’s live scoring on

Till tomorrow sports fans.

Herman, Monique, Rick & Garry

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