Global Junior Tour

Greg Norman Champions Academy Invitational Barefoot GC at North Myrtle Beach 🇺🇸

We woke up this morning to a beautiful cold morning for Rick’s 9:20 tee time. Rick, Herman & myself were up to the golf club for breakfast & Monique stayed back to pack for our 5 hour drive up to Richmond when Rick is finished. 

In the clubhouse they were still not sure if they would start on time because of the frost. Once the sun’s up it defrosts pretty quick & they have several options…… tee times stay are they are, start the first few groups with a shotgun over the first few holes or a two tee start….. with the latter looking favourite.

The range was still closed at the Academy so there were a lot of kids hanging around….. but the gym was open.

And Rick’s favourite from last year….. flexible eh!! Even Herman had a go in the gymI’ll pass😜

s the GNCA delivered the news that there would be a 1 1/2 hour delay and there would be a two tee start and Rick would be starting on the 9th. So what to do? Rick & I jumped on the shuttle bus back over to the Barefoot clubhouse for a coffee, relax & a chat for 30 mins.

Back on the shuttle bus for the couple of minutes ride to the Academy & start again with the warm up. They were ferrying us out on the shuttle bus & we headed over there without the 3rd member of the group a Polish player….. nobody had a clue where he was….. We found out later he couldn’t be bothered anymore, if that was the case he needs an enormous kick up the backside acting like a spoilt brat!!!!

Anyway that’s not our problem…..It’s a great scoring day out there, sunny, not a breathe of wind perfect. 

After two nice shots, his approach just ran off the back at the par 5 9th (Rick’s first) not to far from the flag, nice putt from off the green he missed his short par putt… pity. 

A great shot at the difficult par 3 next and 2 safe putts for his par. He bogeyed the 11th & 12th but his mood on the course was good & positive. He has obviously lost a bit of confidence with his irons off most tee’s and hitting a lot of 3 iron’s but, when he hits his woods he’s getting them in play & good distance, but with him safe off the tee that leaves him a long way back compared to his playing partners. Trust it my boy!! 

Two solid par’s he Rick hit his 2nd shot on front edge where he could use his putter & made a nice birdie at the par 5 15th. 

A good tee shot at the next he got a little enthusiastic with his birdie attempt & missed the par putt return, still he looked like he was enjoying himself out there. 

After a good tee shot at the 17th, he hit a wayward 2nd out to the right into a deep bunker & played a lovely bunker shot, but unfortunately missed a short putt for his par. 

A text book par at the par 5 18th he headed back over the road to the first hole 4 over par.

He hit 3 wood & got a break when he clipped the branches down the left side and then hit a lovely approach to give himself a good birdie chance, unfortunately he couldn’t convert… a good tee shot & again a lovely approach, but again missed a good birdie chance. 

On the par 3rd he again hit a lovely approach, but again missed his birdie . 

Rick’s hitting the ball lovely and needs a bit of luck to get a birdie. That comes at the very next hole when he blocks his tee & is heading in the trees but gets a lucky bounce back into play. It’s a break but by no means an easy approach with a mid iron that he has to cut round the overhead branches. He hits a fantastic shot onto the green and pours the putt in for a birdie. great!!! 

Onto the par 5 5th he finds the green in regulation, but 3 putts to give the birdie back from the last. 

A good par at the tricky 6th, he missed the green in the greenside bunker pin high left on the 7th, he played a lovely bunker shot close to the hole…..

bit missed the putt…… pity!!

A short walk over to the next tee, players got a bit of a fright when a bird 🦅 dropped down in front of them

On to his last a short par 4 that’s a good chance to finish on a high….. Lack of concentration or just a bad swing he missed the fairway into the waste area where he missed the green and made a bogey for a 6 over 78…..

10 minutes of being pissed he was back to his normal cheery self and signed his card and headed to Putters for a bite before hitting the road up to Richmond a five hour drive.

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