Global Junior Golf Tour

Greg Norman Champions Academy Barefoot GC at North Myrtle Beach USA

After an early night and waking up at 5:30 this morning, it was nice to call Tanja and see how everything was back on the home front. Thankfully, or not, Tanja & my boys Ryan & Connor are well and not missing me haha.

It was in the planning to start the day off at a place where a lady told us to go last year for a proper America breakfast, The Cracker Barrel, now yesterday we had an unbelievable brekkie, but this was the Champion breakfast. The Cracker Barrel’s menu is based on traditional Southern cuisine, with appearance and decor designed to resemble an old-fashioned general store. Each restaurant features a front porch lined with wooden rocking chairs, a stone fireplace, and decorative artifacts from the local area. Cracker Barrel is known for its partnerships with country music performers.

So,  it was the old faithful for the gents eggs,hash browns, steak with the rest & Monique did fantastic to polish off her plate. After the Cracker Barrel it was up to the golf course to register & get all the tournament information for the coming week. It is great to see Josh from the Academy again, he helped, like all the staff last year so much to make our week memorable. We collected our badge (money clip) so restaurants, staff & members can see we’re with the tournament. 

Rick uses a trolley on the course & in the US people ride in a buggy or carry their bag & trolley hire is basically none excitant, so Herman & I popped down to the PGA Superstore to find a trolley for the week. OMG!!!

Now…. I started playing golf in 1982, I’ve been around the block a few times, I did my PGA training in a pro shop, I’ve played golf all over the world, but I have never…. never seen a golf shop so big as this….. Think IKEA….. what a shop….. unbelievable, unbloodybelievable, incredible how big it was…. they had everything & I mean everything….. but only had 3 trolley’s. So, Herman grabbed one for the week on a good deal.

Back over to Barefoot to catch up with Monique & Rick, Rick practiced for an hour & half or so, then over to the course to play. 

Today is the first practice round and we teed off at 1 on our own. What Rick is trying to get out of his practice round is to familiarize himself with course from last year & get the pace of the greens & spend time chipping around the greens.

Barefoot has 4 courses….. Norman, Love, Faxio & Dye……. they are all serious golf courses & I mean serious. I would put them up there with your Dutch, International, Haagsche, Noordwijk, Kennemer, in terms of difficulty. There is no messing around here, this is a golf course that ticks all the boxes.

It was good to get 18 holes in…. tomorrow should be easier…. 2nd practice round, but not necessary 18 holes. 

We had a little $1 bet closest the hole on the 16th, the 3 of us Herman, Rick & myself. A lovely little par 3 160 yarder down the hill….

Fortunately for me I stuck it in there quite close to win the $$$’s… thanks boys 😂. 

After the 18th we were all a bit peckish and headed into the Putters Pub at the members end of the range. Rick went out to finish the day off….. last man on the range to work on a few things. 

We fooled around with the camera & shot a few cool vid’s

& The old guy also managed to sclaaf a few….Then it was back to the hotel to chill & freshen up before dinner. Tonight we were eating at Nacho Hippo’sMonique & Rick were a bit tired and still full from Putters, so passed on dinner at Nacho’s…. so it was only Herman & myself.

Tomorrow is the last practice round before the tournament starts on Friday.

Till tomorrow,

Herman, Monique, Rick & Garry

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