Scottish Boys 2nd Round

So, we all managed to have a welcomed lie in this morning & after some bacon rolls for breakfast, I managed to get along to see one of my friends Barry to say hello at the golf shop, always nice to get the rounds in before heading back to the Netherlands. My brother popped down with Leslie & the kids to say hi, it’s good to see how his kids, Caeden & Isla, have grown since I last seen them. 

We went out to warm up at the “patch” (practice ground) at Carnoustie where the turf is similar to Monifieth…..Today the wind was still there, but not as much as the previous day’s.

So, the plan for Rick today is to go out, stick to his routine & commit to his shot choice. No indecision, no backing off…. no no no!!! Just do it……

Ready to go……

Routine good, over the ball good… bang… good solid opening tee shot, routine good, over the ball good… bang… good solid approach to the middle of the green & 2 solid putts…. this was the story for the first 6 holes, with the exception of 5, where Rick found the greenside bunker, there he played a lovely bunker shot to save his par & on 6 his pitch just kept running & running over the green where he dropped his first shot of the day…. still, no man overboard or so we thought. 

“A learning moment” A pushed tee shot on the 7th into the semi, but between hitting his drive & his 2nd shot, is where the group got their first official slow play warning of the day…this unsettled Rick and cut his 2nd shot right & lost his ball in the sea grass…. now you could say they could’ve avoided this by playing quicker (they were almost 2 1/2 holes behind the group in front). He wasn’t alone by playing slow… his playing partners were also not the quickest, but they handled it better. Rick is in not a slow player, in fact he’s pretty quick… , but the organization of his bag, him being nervous getting to his ball & “arsing” around, then the indecision adds up and them losing the place in the course with other groups, this is what we need to work on. His 4th shot was in the bunker, on the long, into the wind 7th where he splashed out but proceeded to 3 putt for an 8…..arggghh. 

Yesterday he birdied the hole, where you could say he gained two shots on the field & today he gave 3 back… Typical links, you get something with on the one hand & you give it back with the other. A par at 8 & a deflated 2nd shot way right on 9 led to another bogey, which led to an outward 9 of 42 blows. (Photo was his 3rd shot on 9)

Fairway, green, 2 putts on the 10th for a par, then back into the wind for the short 11th, where he doubled yesterday. A par here would get back 2 shots from yesterday, but unfortunately Rick missed the green to the right similar to yesterday, to make another bogey… 

Here I bumped into two old guys I have known for a long time Scott Knowles is now involved in the Scottish team’s & former British Amateur Champion Stuart Wilson, who both played at every level of international amateur golf, who both are working at The Royal & Ancient for the GB&I teams. They are out watching Jamie Stewart, who is one of Britain’s best players & is in the same group as Rick. Rick’s worst tee shot in 2 days, into the heather left of 13, where he hacked out for another bogey & a 3 putt bogey on the par 3 14th. Good tee & approach shots on 15 &  16, where he 2 putted both for solid par’s. Jamie Stewart, Rick’s playing partner is now leading the tournament & is 5 under for the day standing on the 17th.

After a good tee shot he pulled his 2nd shot left onto the 18th tee (Rick needed a ruling from a refereee on the other side of the green in Jamie’s line of view, where both referee and Rick were moving around & Jamie stepped out several times, they both could’ve handled it better). Jamie made a mess of it for a double, to drop back for a tie for the lead. 

Rick chipped after his free drop from the road  & 2 putted for another bogey. The last 1 1/2 hours the wind has got up & has got very cold…. Rick’s approach to the par 5 last found the right greenside bunker and a reasonable bunker holed a great putt for a 81 & a score of 17 over & the cut being on 11 over….. frustrating “yes”, can he do better “yes”, will he do better “absolutely”. 

It’s good for him to see the level of other players again from other countries…. he played with Jamie Stewart, who is leading the tournament & one of Britain’s leading under 18 players, Rick doesn’t hit it any worse than him, Rick probably hits it a little further than him….. more & more it’s going down the road of the correct shot choice, organization with his bag & preparation, short game & more mental game….. next up are several tournament’s in Holland, then over to play the Scottish & English under 16’s & English Boys in July. 

He’s progressing nicely & is learning from his experiences…..


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