Scottish Boys 1st Round 

Rick had a start time at 9:40 today, so it was an early start & to make things easier for my mum, we decided to have breakfast at the Monifieth GC, who are the hosting club this week… a couple of bacon & scrambled egg rolls & we jumped back in the car to go to the practice ground so Rick could warm up. 

It’s again windy today, not as much as yesterday & not straight down wind, but more left to right & helping on the first 6 holes, blowing everything towards the out of bounds. 

It’s a day for fairways & greens & making as many pars as you can & avoiding doubles or worse, time to go…. he’s nervous going to the first tee, but he hits a solid iron & finds the green with his 2nd, 2 putts later it’s a solid opening par 4. Unfortunately he hits his tee shot straight right o.b on the 2nd…..He’s nervous & like the tournament in December in America he’s indecisive over the shot & not following his routine. Sometimes you feel he needs a kick up the backside to get him going…… he misses the green just left about 12-13 yards from the hole….which he holes ….bonus!!!! Hopefully this will settle him down…. nope…. not really, after a par at the 3rd he then 3 putts both the 4th & the 5th for bogey…..

A slow play warning from the referee on the 6th tee seems to do the trick…. look at his yardage book, decide where to hit it, couple of practice swings then bang hit it…hits a nice tee shot on 6 and plays a wonderful approach to about 6ft…birdie. 

The 7th is a long par 4 back into the wind, good drive and a lovely long to about 20ft… bang!!! Birdie. The short par 4 8th, Rick hits a nice tee shot into the greenside bunker & up & downs it for birdie… 3 on the spin & back to level par. The par 5 9th back into the wind is a brute….

Rick found the fairway bunker off the tee… it’s gonna be a good bogey from here, after splashing out the bunker then a fairway wood he finds the green with his 4th & 2 putts later he can put a bogey on the card. All in all it’s a solid front 9 in 1 over par. 

Now, the back 9 is gonna be a different animal…. with 6 holes  into the wind. After par-ing the 10th he pushed his tee shot way right of the green on the par 3….. with no way of stopping it over the bunker, there was little option but to chip between the bunkers & try to make a bogey…. a nice chip, but a very careless first putt he doubled after missing his short putt. 

Two good pars on 12 & 13 he moved onto the par 3 14th, a short hole with the freshening wind coming off the right, gorse & whinn bushes right off the green, it was no disaster missing the green but another careless approach led to another bogey on the card. 

Ok…..  he’s now 5 over with 4 to go, not to bad if he get to the house with a 76 in this wind….. Rick crushes his drive on 15 splitting the fairway to leave a short pitch to the green….

A low chip & run along the ground our young shot maker from Holland is adapting to Scottish links golf very well, his birdie putt has a quick look at the hole, but slips by leaving a tap in par. 

A good drive on 16, he pushes his 2nd short right of the green and has  a bunker between him and the flag…. now if any of you know links golf playing of hard tight ground, chipping can give you the hebee jeebies especially if you got to go over a bunker, the saving grace is that it’s into the wind….. after stepping out being indecisive a couple of times he duffed it into the bunker & made double pfffff. 17 a long par 4 bang into the wind he couldn’t reach the green in 2 but had a reasonable chance to get it up & down, another indecision over his straight forward bump & run that ran carelessly passed the hole for another bogey. 

A great drive and a lucky 2nd shot that could of easily ran into the bunker if it was a yard or so further right….. but hey you got to run with the breaks, he had 56 yards over and choose to play a shot that could get him in the one a clock gang (the old golfers in the Carnoustie GC ) any day….. it wasn’t my or Herman’s club choice but who are we anyway. ​​

​He tapped in his birdie for a 78 & all in all it wasn’t to bad an opening round that keeps him in the tournament. Into the Monifieth GC for a drink & it was down to the Carnoustie GC for a 

My mum had a chicken curry for dinner and it was off out to the patch (practice ground) at Carnoustie for some fine tuning. 

The wind had been up all day & by plays end Rick is lying t39 bang on the cut. Best score of the day was a very impressive 2 under 69 from a guy from Iceland 👏🏻👏🏻well played young man. Tomorrow’s tee time is a late one…. 2pm, so a bit of a lie in it’ll be then. 


One thought on “Scottish Boys 1st Round 

  1. frans ter beke April 13, 2017 at 6:39 pm Reply

    Nice report Garry, GL and enjoy. Greatings to Herman and Rick👍

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