Mystery Cup Day 2

After long day…. and a short night;) it was upto the club early to prepare everything for the players this morning. We are with a crew of 6 (Frank, Leonie, Dominque, Floris, Roy & myself). Lots to do before everyone arrives… buggies, clubs, scorecards, food etc etc. 

First bus arrived around 10, so Roy & I can help anyone on the range with some tips & tricks. Roy at one end of the range & I at the other trying to pass on some words of wisdom before heading out on the course. 

We are playing Espiche GC today, a course up in the hills around 20 mins away from our base in Lagos. It’s a fairly tight undulating course with no room to miss the fairway…. basically if you miss the fairway you lose your ball & one team had lost 15 balls in there first 9. 😜

Roy & I go around and play against teams for beat the pro for a beer. Today we are playing a Mystery Scramble…..everyone hits their tee shots, they swap balls for their 2nd shot, then swap back for their 3rd and then play from their 3rd shot the same Texas Scramble rules. Interesting format, but a lot of fun & keeps everyone on their toes. 

After the warming up it was back to the clubhouse for all info regarding today’s golf format and a team foto on the putting green. 

We have several VIP teams in the competition along with sponsors who are playing together today with a some little extra’s on the course. 

The course is up in the hills & is a sort eco course where they are not aloud to spray chemicals on the course & use a limited amount of water due to the lack of water in the area, the course a good test for us and the greens a little bumpy….the club has a lot of foreign members that have moved to Portugal from other parts of Europe, the clubhouse has a British feel about it with lots of things that you see back home. 

Gerard & Eugene from the team DuurzamGebouw are walking up the Kilimanjaro later this year for charity so we set up a little challenge so we could raise a little extra money towards the charity. From the terrace in the clubhouse try to play a pitch to a pool 30 yards away with €50 to enter, great fun with mishits rattling around the clubhouse…. “lucky for us that there were no windows broken”​ unfortunately nobody pitched it in the pool but Patrick Hekkert being a great sport having 5 goes at €50 a shot.  

The winners today were one of the DuurzaamGebouw teams with Rob & Hans taking the day prize and are now nicely placed in the overall tournament. 

​Special mention for the Birthday boy Melle Tucker….. exciting week for Melle with Leonie having an emergency plan to get him back The Netherlands quick because his wife is due to give birth to there first child this week… no news yet so hopefully she can hold on till Sunday when we get back.  ​
Just had to put this in

We were playing pool in the hotel bar with some of the guys and just look at the state of Kjel trying some yoga moves to get in position to play a shot. 
Roy has been suffering with a terrible headache and is really struggling & is straight to bed, hopefully he’s fit in the morning for our beat the pro challenge on hole 23 (3 9 hole loops)

Tomorrow our last round at we are playing the highly rated Palmares course with 9 holes in the trees & our 2nd 9 a links type course. 

Gonna be a good one😉

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