Mystery Cup 2017

It’s that time of year again…. the Mystery Cup 2017.  The Mystery Cup is golf event where “business meets golf” consisting of players in a team from all over the Netherlands organized by the Bcause events company. 

The players have no idea where the Mystery location is until they arrive at the airport check in desk on the morning of departure….. ok ok there are lots of guess work to where we are going, some players trying to get a one up by looking at airport departures flights and illuminating locations but that’s just guess work. The whole week is a Mystery!!!! Mystery location, Mystery hotel, Mystery golf courses, Mystery restaurants, Mystery winners etc etc etc. 

At the airport Frank ten Bockem from Bcause will draw a ball out the hat and keep that number secret & at the end of the week that’ll be the winner of the Mystery Cup.

This year Leonie from Bcause and I came a day early to get stuff organized. 

As usual my small frame 😜 had loads of leg room on the 3 hour flight to the Mystery location. 

So, after a long day of visiting golf courses, collecting scorecards, speaking to pro’s & general managers we got everything organized and ready for the 20 teams coming early on the morning flight from Rotterdam. 


So, here we are 1st day Mystery Cup 2017 & the Mystery location is……. …….. Portugal!!!!!!

The weather forecast is, well let’s just say…. em, meant to be not to good….but waking up this morning…’s not to bad. 

Everyone checked in back in Rotterdam and they’re on their way to Portugal. 

Everything organized here at the course and today we’re playing Quinta do Lago, a well known course in Europe where the Portugal Open has been held several times. 

Today we are playing Texas Scramble & after a quick word from Frank we are ready to go……

Quinta South is a fantastic course and would recommend anyone to come and play here….. awesome!!!!

The scoring was really good and a few teams had more than 50 points and the day winners were Team More….. 

Then back to hotel to check in  Lagos at Villa Galie. 

And a long night in the bar….

Tomorrow we are playing Espiche Golf Club.

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