Greg Norman Junior Invitational at Myrtle Beach USA


Last practice day!!!

We woke up to a cold rainy morning today. Breakfast was organized for the players, coaches & parents at the Barefoot Golf Club where the tournament is being held. 

After breakfast it was back on the shuttle bus for the short drive (5 mins) to the Greg Norman Champions Academy where the practice facilities are at Barefoot. Rick went thru his warm up on the range (See video on facebook).& I tried to stay warm behind him 😜. After he was loose we did a little session going thru his swing. Now is not the time for swing changes just a little tweak with his aim, he has the tendency to aim to far left sometimes and tries to correct it unconsciously in his swing.  After an hour or so on the range we went to short game area, Rick tries to play a “high risk”chip shot that doesn’t react consistently on landing, sometimes its better to dunk it on the green and get it running directly like a putt instead of the fancy spin shot, he can play both shots but gets better results with the straight forward chip & better leave that spiny shot if really needed….. but hey he’s only 15 and it’s a cool shot when it comes off. Now  is just trying to fill him with confidence & getting him ready for tomorrow, after 30-40 mins chipping in the cold we went to warm up. I had to get something extra to combat the cold😨

After the shuttle bus back to the course and a warm hot chocolate in the clubhouse we went over to the putting green to work on the his feel, no stimp signs here  😉 the green is big and undulating and an unusual thing is there are no holes in the green. 

The plan is not to be play 18 holes today maybe 9 or 10 holes then back to rest and get ready for the evening. We joined up on the 1st tee with two Austrian players,one with his mother & the other with her Italian coach. The plan is to play the first 4 holes then jump over to the 13th & play in. Rick was struggling with his driver off the tee, missing on both side, strange cause his 3 wood was going ok. Again the course is very wet so it’s playing all of its 7035 yards (roughly 6300 meters). 

We were finished around 2 o’clock and hit some drives on the range to get a bit of confidence back. A bit hungry so we grabbed a hamburger & cheeseburger at the tent by the range which tasted like an old balata😄(If you don’t what a balata is ask a golfer that has played for a long time &they’ll explain)

There was a players & companion evening to open the tournament at Barefoot GC. There was a small speech from the Greg Norman staff & Global World sponsors thanking the players for coming but saying a big thanks to the parents for making it possible for the players to come…. Monique & Herman 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. The tournament organizers told  us the course so wet it may be lift, clean & place this week & a cold front coming in it may be a shotgun start on Friday. But hey we’re not here for the weather we’re here to play a tournament. 

After the speeches we had a dinner at the club and we were on the same table with a father & daughter from Sweden & 2 volunteers from America. 

It’s an individual & team event with Rick playing in the team with a player from the Czech Republic & the other from Iceland, Rick tees off at 12:10 tomorrow (6:10 Dutch time) in the last game out.

 He came over with 15 clubs so we had to leave one out, by practicing the last 2 days, the choice was between a 3 wood or a 3 iron. 

We decided to leave the 3 iron out…… Why?   Because he’s been struggling with his driver off the tee so he can always fall back to his 3 wood & the 3 iron’s lower ball flight with the wet conditions it was the best choice to leave out the 3 iron. 

The clubs are cleaned the prep is done tomorrow I become a spectator for the rest of the week as no caddies allowed so he’s out there on his own. If he gets his drives away & keeps his nerves & concentration he’ll be ok. 
What’ll be a good result for him? 

This is bigger step up for Rick with a lot going on with players from 35 different countries to compete against & college coaches coming to watch. This is a proper golf course,a real proper golf course, if he can have 3 rounds in the 70’s he’ll of done really well,no matter what happens he’ll of done himself, his family, the club & me very proud. 

It’s 9 o’clock now and he’s in bed & it’s another basketball game for me.(I love most sports) 

Tomorrow it’s more my thing Thursday Night Football 🏈. 

Tot morgen. 

Rick & Garry

3 thoughts on “Greg Norman Junior Invitational at Myrtle Beach USA

  1. Björn Antonsson December 15, 2016 at 7:40 am Reply

    Thanks for great report! Give Rick my best wishes and enjoy Barefoot! Agree with u, three rounds in the 70s would be a great achievement – go for it Rick!

  2. Björn Antonsson December 15, 2016 at 7:47 am Reply

    Burgers tasting like Balata – epic! In the same division as Icemans : “like putting on broccoli” 😉 hehe

  3. esthersmitblog December 15, 2016 at 10:10 am Reply

    Great Blogs! Succes tomorrow Rick! And to the both of you: Enjoy!!

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