Greg Norman Junior Invitational at Myrtle Beach USA 

Tried to stay awake as long as we could last night but after 21 hours of traveling it was difficult…After 3 flights Amsterdam-London, London-Charlotte then Charlotte-Myrtle Beach……the Charlotte-London flight wasn’t busy, Rick & I shared  the four seats in the middle with the two of us, (loads of room)we got picked up for a 25 minute bus journey where we shared the shuttle with two players (one from Canada & the other from Zimbabwe)we finally arrived at the North Myrtle Beach Plantation Hotel and a fantastic hotel. 

The hotel is awesome and is divided into apartments sleeping 4-8 people, we are sharing with a mother & daughter from Sweden. 

After getting ourself settled we then went in search of the nearest restaurant to catch something to eat…. Rick was struggling to keep his eyes open but after advice from Hans Loohuis of trying to fall in the rhythm of the time difference I managed to keep Rick awake till 9 o’clock then he was “knockout”…………


We both got a good nights sleep and were awake at 7:30 & ready to get going. We walked to the top of the complex to try and find a cash machine to go. & get some breakfast….. “just down the road” they told us. After walking for a while we walked past a school where we asked again. An elderly lady said it was just down the road😏. She offered to give us a lift and then dropped us off at restaurant to get breakfast………. Now I know a full English Breakfast is a lot of food but here the breakfast was enormous, bacon egg hash browns pancakes with maple syrup the plate was huge, even Rick ordered a steak with it 😜.

We went back to get the clubs and of to the course to register. It wasn’t great weather with the rain and it was a bit cold. Rick registered where he got a goodie back we looked around the Greg Norman Golf Academy. Kids that have a certain level & there parents can fund it,can go to school here & do there education while getting taught for top golf. They were in the gym when we arrived after their lessons. Their day is 7:30-10:30 school then 10:45-12 in the gym and then 1-4 golf 6 days a week. 

We finally got on the Barefoot Resort The Norman course around 12 and because of the rain we used a buggy today to keep us & the clubs dry. 

Rick played alone and I caddied for him, a practice round is all about learning the course and finding out where and where not to hit it. 

The course is wet very wet and is playing long with no run on the ball

This was one of Rick’s drives and it certainly favours the long hitters. 

The course is really really good, a proper tournament course, the second par 3 we had a nearest the pin challenge….

hole 7 175 yards both a 6 iron

Yea Rick… was my 1st shot of the day😉

 Rick with his $1 winning…. but not for long 😜

As I said it’s all about learning the course & not about the score in a practice round so we were making notes 

The 16th was a short par 3  170 yards downhill, now time to win my money back with another nearest challenge 😄(he wouldn’t even come on the picture with me😄😄😄)

We played 17 holes. The 17th green is right beside the range and Rick wanted to practice a little before dark… so he was there for an hour or so….

Not a bad looking range😜the range is 350 yards long & maybe maybe 250 yards wide, it has 4 fairways with 12 -15 greens with bunkers to hit to. In the winter the different type of grass is dormint and it goes a brown colour but the definition is great and great place to practice. 

Back to the hotel chill out before going out for dinner, tonight is the first night where all the players,parents & coaches come together. We are eating a Mexican just up the road😜 Nacho Hippos. We ordered a starter to share. The waiter advised on the Nacho Donald, lobster,shrimps with all the trimmingsstarter he said…. this was enough for both of us with no need to have a main course😜😜😜……

Rick still not completely over the jet lag so he’s in bed, I’ve got the basketball on tomorrow another practice round then the opening dinner in the evening. We learned today in America that a few minutes down the road is 20 minutes in the car😬 so it’ll be on the shuttle bus tomorrow. 


Garry & Rick. 

8 thoughts on “Greg Norman Junior Invitational at Myrtle Beach USA 

  1. Tan December 14, 2016 at 5:48 am Reply


  2. Herman December 14, 2016 at 6:31 am Reply

    Great update Garry. I was only missing the pictures from the Swedish mother and daughter:D. Hopefully you and Rick are soon over the jetlag and have a good praktice round tomorrow. Enjoy

    Herman, Nieka, Widya and Monique

  3. Rinus December 15, 2016 at 9:10 am Reply

    Strange to say but I was missing the same picture. Do they prepare your breakfast and clean your rooms? Anyway very interesting to read your experiences every day !!
    Good luck and enjoy !!

  4. Frans ter Beke December 15, 2016 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Hi Garry and Rick, great story and good luck for today👍👍

  5. Mary Verdam December 16, 2016 at 8:48 am Reply

    What a fantastic experience. Thank you for sharing it with us, Koepel members.
    Looking forward for more. Lots of luck.

  6. Frans ter Beke December 18, 2016 at 7:50 am Reply

    Hi Garry and Rick, well recovered 3 th day after an little disappointing second one. That shows strong character!! Good trip back home, Merry Christmas and a happy and succesful 2017!!!

  7. Herman D December 18, 2016 at 3:30 pm Reply

    Great story to read. Have a safe return.

  8. Alexa van den Broeke December 19, 2016 at 6:39 pm Reply

    Great story, I laught a lot . Thanks for sharing with us. Wel done Rick, great experience! Merry Christmas to both of you 🛍🏆🍾🎄🎅

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